About Peri Rocha

A work in progress. Aren't we all? 

Born in 1980 in the city of São Paulo, Brazil., Peri started playing guitar when he was 12 years old. His musicianship formed by playing with multiple hard rock and metal tribute bands growing up, while also enjoying other music styles including different branches of Brazilian and classical music.


During the 2000's, Peri performed in hundreds of concerts in the local scene, notably with his time spent on Bon Jovi tribute band "New Jersey". 

His diverse background shows up on his music. Having lived in South America, Europe and now in the United States, Peri has infused multiple different cultures into his taste for art. 

About Doublethink

Accepting contrary opinions - at the same time. 

The album is about the internal struggle of a person who believes in science, but considers mysticism. This person knows that the universe started with the big bang, but suspects something else is behind it.

The following artists were guests in recording this album, and helped land the vision of Doublethink:

Fábio Laguna: keyboards

Fábio is an accomplished keyboardist from Brazil. He is known for his work with Angra, Hangar and Edu Falaschi, but he has performed with over 100 groups. You can find Fábio on Instagram, and on YouTube


Marco Bicca: drums

Marco currently plays drums for Pamela Moore's band. He records music for dozens of artists worldwide. Marco shares similar backgrounds and interests in music with Peri Rocha. You can find Marco on Instagram, and on Twitter

Doublethink was produced, mixed and mastered on Dharma Studios by Rodrigo Oliveira.